Glory Days Restaurant, located on Unirii Nr. 11 of Baia Mare, Romanian cuisine, has a capacity of 120 seats Restaurant and 8 seats and 80 bar terrace. Kitchen facilities, a bar and room rises to the highest level of production and service. The dishes offered daily are made based on traditional recipes Romanian cuisine and Italian cuisine. Drinks served carefully, give food more flavor and steaming. In Restaurant operates specialized personnel with professional qualification in the top of catering. Offer daily meals, alcoholic and soft drinks, and their prices are the ingredients that make a perfect Glory Days restaurant serving lunch or dinner, or a snack at a business meeting. For those interested in organizing events at the residence of the beneficiary, Restaurant Glory Days offers dishes of various sizes, depending on the number of guests, and prepared most demanding such as turkey in the oven, the rate baked with red cabbage, baked chicken on dose of beer, baked chicken with honey. We invite you to convince yourself that should be added Glory Days Restaurant in top of the list of places where they eat well in Baia Mare!


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Glory Days Baia Mare Bulevardul Unirii 11

mobile: 0730-657.535

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